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blues for rocco


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Blues For Rocco Omnibook contains the faithful transcription of the duet of six-string basses: Jason Raso with the fretted bass, Alain Caron with the fretless bass.

  • PDF Ebook
  • Detailed note-for-note transcriptions of both bassists, including solos
  • Excellent bass notation legend
  • Great for bassists of any level
  • Mastertracks
  • Jason Raso Biography




Get ready to swoon as you play in tune with the latest bass duet from Jason Raso and Alain Caron!

Focus on their over-the-top techniques as you blast every chord and note with the energy this track provides!

Blues For Rocco is featured on Jason Raso’s “Man of 40 Faces” album, features the illustrious guest appearance of Alain Caron!

The track is a tribute that the composer does in memory of another great bassist who recently passed away who is Francis Rocco Prestia.

Blues For Rocco Omnibook contains the faithful transcription of the duet of six-string basses: Jason Raso with the fretted bass, Alain Caron with the fretless bass.

The result of this artistic collaboration is something truly remarkable, creating an excellent balance and a unique experience for both the player and the listener.

Together with the note-by-note transcriptions in standard notation, Blues For Rocco Omnibook allows even those less experienced in reading music to enjoy these transcriptions thanks to the use of Powertabs.

Blues For Rocco Omnibook also includes the Mastertrack of each bass guitar in Mp3 320kbps format, which means you’ll be able to play over a musical base, excluding one of the two instruments to take your bass playing to the next level!

This incredible duet develops your innate ability to create music uniquely, making you feel like you’re the coolest and best bass player on the block.

Studying transcriptions from the greatest bassists on earth allows you to leap forward on the quality of your music reading, your analytical skills, your sound, your instrumental technique, and finally, you’ll find a veritable gold mine of patterns, passages, and phrases to include in the musical vocabulary that you can then use in your daily practice.

All you have to do is:

  1. listen to the song
  2. find the passage or phrase you want to learn
  3. analyze the notes concerning the chords
  4. study by following the notes in the transcriptions.

Quick and painless.

You won’t have to waste a single minute looking for the notes, optimizing the time you spend studying just to take care of what’s important to you!

Essential Components of Jason Raso Blues For Rocco Omnibook

Jason Raso BLUES FOR ROCCO Omnibook has the following notation elements.

  • 100% note-for-note basslines transcriptions. The bass scores notation generally means single-line in F clef in standard notation.
  • Chord Symbols. The defining, characteristic component of a lead sheet is its chord symbols. A chord symbol defines the current harmonic region, as a key signature, and it stays in effect until the chord changes. Chord symbols are set above the staff, centred over the beat where the new harmonic region begins.
  • Tempo, Styles, Clef, Key and Time Signatures. These provide a basic orientation for the musician.
  • Separate instrumental parts. To make it easier for the less experienced to read, tabs have been added with the rhythmic subdivision called Powertabs, which indicate the positions of the notes on the bass neck and their rhythmic subdivision.

You can download a PDF demo of this book by clicking here.