Call Me Al!

Call me Al! is the fourth solo album by Alain Caron and was released in 2000.

In "Call me Al!" the brilliant Canadian bassist, in his tireless search for innovation, finds new and surprising sounds by working with young and promising artists, coming from totally different musical experiences.

"Call me Al!" contains nine new tracks written and arranged by Alan Caron, six of which were built on electronic loops alongside the always superb arrangements, offering a new and irresistible sound halfway between drum'n bass and Afro-Cuban rhythms.

Songs / Tracks Listing 

  1. Radio Format
  2. Baby Step
  3. Finger Prints
  4. The 'F' file
  5. Secrets
  6. 4 & 6
  7. Impact
  8. T.M.C.
  9. Infinite

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