Conversations is the sixth unreleased album produced by Alain Caron and was released in 2007 after 4 years since the release of 5.
Alain Caron returns with a stunning new studio album recorded entirely acoustically and as a duet.
It is a collection of tracks recorded one-on-one with some of his greatest friends and extraordinary artists such as Oliver Jones,Francois Bourassa, Lorraine Desmarais, Otmaro Ruiz and Jean St-Jacques.
In Conversations Alain wants to collect a bit of jazz intimacy that is created in the feeling between musicians and tells of a dialogue between two friends, conversations in fact, from which the title of the album is derived.

Songs / Tracks Listing 

  1. No Pick
  2. Ivoire
  3. Questions
  4. Blue Screen
  5. Val C
  6. X Tensions
  7. Solitude
  8. Strings of Spring
  9. Confirmation
  10. Scrapper
  11. Baby Step
  12. Setembro (Brazilian Wedding Song)

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