Live 5 Cabaret de Montrèal

Live 5 Cabaret de Montrèal was released in 2006.

It is the first live work published by Alain Caron in his solo career, which began after the extraordinary experience with UZEB.

Live 5 Cabaret de Montrèal is a double CD recorded live and played masterfully by Alain and his band: the impression when listening to it is that of being present as an audience at the concert recorded live on May 18, 2005 at 8pm at The Cabaret club in Montréal.

With this album Alain Caron aims to launch to the general public his new fun and refreshing sound that he likes to define Electro-Fusion-Jazz. 

On stage with Alain Caron for Live 5 Cabaret de Montréal are: Simon Langlois on drums; Francois Blouin on keyboards; Jean St-Jacques on keyboards and Malletkat; David Bellemare on saxophone.

Songs / Tracks Listing 

  1. Ocean Of Trees
  2. Double Agent
  3. Signal
  4. Ink Illusion
  5. Show Of Hands
  6. No Left Turn On Tuesday
  7. Slam the Clown
  8. Turkey Loose On The Kit
  9. Baby Step
  10. Solitude
  11. Black paws
  12. D-Code

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