Rhythm'n Jazz

Rhythm'n Jazz, released in 1995, is the second album by Alain Caron.

Rhythm'n Jazz contains 10 tracks including 9 original compositions by Alain Caron and a tribute to Jaco Pastorius with Donna Lee by Charlie Parker.

In Rhythm'n Jazz Alain Caron puts the accent on his bass solos, always spectacular, and on the use of electronics always in a refined way and well mixed with the live sound.
On this album Caron shows tremendous compositional skills and a bold and engaging musical direction.

Participating in the recording of Rhythm'n Jazz were: Dennis Chambers and Magella Cormier (drums), Guy Dubuc (keyboards),Francois D'Amours (saxophone), Jerry De Villiers and Benoit Charest (guitars), Luc Boivin (percussion), James Gelfand (acoustic piano), and Benoit Glazer (trumpet).

Songs / Tracks Listing 

  1. The Bump
  2. Fat Cat
  3. District 6
  4. Slam The Clown
  5. Little Miss Match
  6. I. C. U.
  7. Cherokee Drive
  8. Flight Of The Bebop Bee
  9. Donna Lee (In Memory Of Jaco)
  10. Intuitions

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