Sep7entrion is the seventh studio album by Alain Caron and was released in 2010.

Sep7entrion is a record of Jazz / Fusion modernized and updated, made with great skill by one of the most important bassists of the international scene that is precisely Alain Caron.
Sep7entrion brings together 9 titles that blend together traditional jazz, rock, funk, touches of African influences and South American music in an explosive mix of great adrenaline!
There is everything you could want: rock-heavy riffs, great bass lines, odd rhythms, funky grooves and fantastic melodic lines!

What makes this record distinguishable from other fusion music albums is the immense compositional talent of Alain Caron that seems really inexhaustible!

To make Sep7entrion, Alain called in musicians from all over the world: Pierre Côté , Jean-Marie Ecay and the legendary Frank Gambale on guitars; John Roney, Otmaro Ruiz and Tony Raymond on keyboards; Christophe Raymond on violin and Damien Schmitt on drums.

The album title Sep7entrion was chosen to emphasize Alain's Nordic roots to punctuate the fact that this is his seventh studio album to date.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. 1-4-U
2. Enhanced
3. Double Action
4. Fair Play
5. Cross Check
6. Soleil Rouge
7. This or That
8. De L'Aube Au Crepuscule
9. Simple Pleasures