Series The Jazz-Rock Cuts

Series The Jazz-Rock Cuts is the first collection of songs by Alain Caron and was released in 2007.

In Series The Jazz-Rock Cuts there are some of the most salient compositions of the great Canadian bassist in his solo career with the project Alain Caron Le Band, which began in 1993 after the extraordinary experience with Uzeb.

In this collection there are no ballads but only Jazz-Rock and Funk compositions.
Series The Jazz-Rock Cuts represents a summary of Alain Caron's compositions up to 2007 and is a record that can not be missed in the collections of fans of Jazz Rock music.

Songs / Tracks Listing 

  1. Slam The Clown
  2. P.A.C Man
  3. No Way
  4. From The Top
  5. The "F" File
  6. Flight Of The BeBop Bee
  7. Turkey Loose On The Kit
  8. The Bump
  9. Devil Shuffle
  10. No Left Turn On Tuesday
  11. District 6
  12. Trouble
  13. D-Code

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