Are the books in digital format?
Yes, the books are for sale in PDF format. If there are attachments such as audio files, they will be present in the download section of the books themselves.

Where can I download the books from?
After clicking on the Buy Now button you will be prompted to enter your payment information and, once everything has gone through, you will be sent an email with the credentials to activate your personal account on www.sellfy.com.

Is the beats editions account at www.sellfy.com and at www.lulu.com linked to www.beatseditions.com?
Yes, all three sites are owned by Beats Editions. The reason why there is no single site is because of the functionality of the sites themselves: www.sellfy.com is a platform specialized in the sale of digital services while www.lulu.com is specialized in print-on-demand for books in paper format.

What are the differences between the different versions of the books presented?
With reference to the same album, there are different versions of books offered that contain different things: for example, Bass Notebooks contain only the lead sheets of the bass guitar alone, while Bass Transcriptions contain note-for-note transcriptions of all the bass parts of all the tracks on the album. I invite you to check the differences between all the versions of the books on the sales pages of the individual products.

Why are transcript books so expensive?
Transcription books are a bit more expensive than the average price offered by the market because Beats Editions is a small company that works in a handcrafted way, pouring great attention and an inordinate amount of working hours to take care of every single detail of the transcription.

Is there a possibility of a refund if I am not satisfied with my purchase?
As these are digital books, there is no such possibility because once the PDF is downloaded onto your computer, there is no way to stop any illegal withholding.

Can I request a demo version of a book before making a purchase?
Certainly, to get a demo version you just have to make a request through this form and you will be sent an evaluation PDF as soon as possible.