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Rhythm’n Jazz Bass Transcriptions Book contains note-for-note transcriptions of the bass lines, including solos, from Alain Caron’s 1995 album.

  • PDF Ebook
  • Note-for-note transcriptions of all the bass parts on the entire album, including the bass solos.
  • Excellent bass notation legend
  • Good for medium/high level bassists
  • Transcriptions approved by Alain Caron
  • Lifetime access
Rhythm'n Jazz Bass Transcriptions Book




Learn all the bass lines that were played by Alain Caron himself, including the bass solos!

Rhythm'n Jazz Bass Transcriptions Book offers an in-depth immersion into the music and style of one of the greatest bassists of all time!

The goal of the Rhythm'n Jazz Bass Transcriptions Book is to help you learn to play the songs from the album of the same name quickly and easily, developing fundamental skills such as music reading, note analysis, technique and sound, making you a recognizable voice to your audience!

This book immerses you in the world of Maestro Caron, allowing you to "steal" much of his style to become a confident, capable and expressive musician.

Rhythm'n Jazz Bass Transcriptions Book allows you to look "beyond the dots" and understand the underlying mystery of the artist Alain Caron, in a fun and fast way, without wasting a single minute looking for the notes of this or that passage you like so much!

Develop your relative ear and improvisational skills, expand your knowledge of styles and then apply and interpret them in your own playing, directly inspired by the award-winning and acclaimed Canadian bassist.

In Rhythm'n Jazz, Alain Caron's creative and compositional vein is explosive, and you'll be able to tackle such masterpieces as "The Bump," "Slam The Clown," the Jaco tribute "Donna Lee" and the beautiful ballad "Intuitions.

The Rhythm 'n Jazz Bass Transcriptions Book is an inexhaustible resource for any bassist who knows how to get the most out of it: just listen to the record, identify the parts you like, analyze the notes against the chords and study the transcriptions!

Your progress will be incredibly fast and lasting!


  • 100% note-by-note bass transcriptions. Basslines are transcribed with great accuracy in standard notation with tabs, solos included!

  • Chord Symbols. The defining, characteristic component of sheet music is its chord symbols. A chord symbol defines the current harmonic region, as a key signature, and it stays in effect until the chord changes. Chord symbols are set above the staff, centred over the beat where the new harmonic region begins.

  • Tempo, Styles, Clef, Key and Time Signatures. These provide a basic orientation for the musician.

  • Ensemble Notation. Critical instrumental hooks, ensemble rhythmic concepts (stop time, or kicks), and repeated licks (often for the bass) might appear in notation in temporary second staff.


  1. The Bump
  2. Fat Cat
  3. District 6
  4. Slam The Clown
  5. Little Miss Match
  6. C.U.
  7. Cherokee Drive
  8. Flight Of The Bebop Bee
  9. Donna Lee (In Memory Of Jaco)
  10. Intuitions

You can download a PDF demo of this book by clicking here.