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Rhythm'n jazz

bassless mastertracks

In MP3 digital audio

Rhythm’n Jazz Bassless Mastertracks are the original tracks from Alain Caron’s 1995 album, mixed without the bass lines.

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  • Bassless Mastertracks
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Rhythm’n Jazz Bassless Mastertracks are the original tracks from Alain Caron’s 1997 album, mixed without the bass lines.

With Rhythm’n Jazz Bassless Mastertracks you’ll be able to play the compositions from Alain Caron’s acclaimed album, without the need to have your own band and measure yourself against the great artists who collaborated as guests on the record.

To record Rhythm’n Jazz they collaborated:

  • Dennis Chambers / Drums
  • Magella Cormir / Drums and Drums programming
  • El Extasis – Percussions
  • Jean-François Coté / Percussions
  • Luc Boivin / Percussions
  • Mireille Marchal / Percussions
  • Jerry De Villers Jr. / Guitar
  • James Gelfand / Piano
  • Guy Dubuc / Organ and Keyboards
  • François D’Amours / Alto and Tenor Saxophone
  • Benoît Charest / Guitar and Trumpet


  1. The Bump (Bassless Version)
  2. Fat Cat (Bassless Version)
  3. District 6 (Bassless Version)
  4. Slam The Clown (Bassless Version)
  5. Little Miss Match (Bassless Version)
  6. C.U. (Bassless Version)
  7. Cherokee Drive (Bassless Version)
  8. Flight Of The Bebop Bee (Bassless Version)
  9. Donna Lee (In Memory Of Jaco) (Bassless Version)
  10. Intuitions (Bassless Version)

You can download an audio file demo by clicking here.