Rhythm'n Melody

This method is a real practical manual to learn how to improvise while juggling the melodic part and the rhythmic variations.

Pietro Tonolo’s book is practical and full of valuable content with specific methods for learning to improvise on jazz tunes, and it’s currently in use in his improvisation classes at the Conservatory of Vicenza (Italy).

This book is filled with phrases, patterns, techniques, and passages that can be applied directly to actual practice to help you express a unique musical personality and develop new skills.

a new way of mastering the improvisation skill

A step-by-step guide consisting of 31 targeted exercises that will make you make incredible progress in this indispensable jazz discipline.

The sample piece Pietro works on that explains his concept is a jazz standard called “Out Of Nowhere“.

This book is a real practical guide aimed at all types of instruments, specifically for musicians looking to learn and diversify.

Rhythm’n Jazz has simple concepts that allow you to mathematically master very complex elements related to rhythmic and melodic variations.

What will you learn from this book?

a structured method for the development of improvisation

a step-by-step system for the study of rhythmic cells

an innovative approach to the use of the metronome

a logical way for the application of compound tempos

an intuitive practice for the application of rhythmic-melodic cells

an innovative approach to polyrhythm

About the author

Pietro Tonolo
Pietro Tonolo

Tenor & Soprano Saxophone, composer, arranger

He is one of the best-known European jazz saxophonists.

He started his activity very young playing in Europe and America with the bands of Gil Evans and Chet Baker.

He has recorded about ninety CDs as a sideman and under his own name, achieving wide success and recognition.

He has collaborated with many of the most important jazz mu- sicians in Italy (Franco D’Andrea, Massimo Urbani, Enrico Rava, Rita Marcotulli, Danilo Rea, Roberto Gatto) and in Europe (Aldo Romano, Tony Oxley, Henri Texier, with whom he has toured in the East, Africa and Latin America).

He has played regularly with musicians such as Lee Konitz, Ste- ve Lacy, Joe Lovano, Joe Chambers, Gil Goldstein, Steve Swallow, Eliot Zigmund, Paul Motian (of whose “Electric Bebop Band” he has been a member) and is one of the Italian musicians who enjoy the highest consideration among his overseas colleagues.

Is currently teaching at the Conservatory of Vicenza

Pietro Tonolo
Roberto Gatto

This concise treatise will prove to be of enormous benefit to everyone, whether part-time students or professionals, for exploring with greater clarity, a fascina- ting journey into the world of rhythm.

Roberto Gatto

Jazz Drummer


Who's This Book For?

To all musicians, whatever their instrument

who want to learn to master with confidence the challenging art of improvisation

To jazz music students

who are beginning to enter the magical world of improvisation and composition

To hobbysts

who are looking for a comprehensible method to approach their passion in a new way

To professional musicians

who can find new ideas and inspiration for their work.

To music teachers

who will find a concise and very practical method that they can use as a guide for their lessons

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We are not going to focus on any memorized steps, settings, or values. Instead, we will cover everything you need to know so that you become a master in Jazz Improvisation and achieve whatever result you have in mind, by creating your own steps and techniques.

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