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Septentrion Bass Transcriptions Book contains note-for-note transcriptions of the bass lines, including solos, from Alain Caron’s 2010 album.

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Septrentrion Bass Transcriptions Book




Develop your technique, your relative ear, and your technical and improvisational skills by learning directly from the greatest bassist on earth!

Alain Caron, an award-winning Canadian bassist recognized worldwide as a true master and innovator of the electric bass, makes available detailed transcriptions from his 2010 masterpiece album Septentrion.

Whether you’re a new or experienced bassist, Septentrion Bass Transcriptions Book is the book for you if you’re looking for a quick and fun way to develop your reading skills, your analysis skillsyour techniqueyour instrumental masteryyour sound, and to increase your vocabulary of phrases to use in your solos and wow your audience!

Throughout the album Alain Caron puts the emphasis on his bass solos and electronics and now you too can follow in the footsteps of the master, going from mediocre imitator to great expert, all quickly and without going crazy trying to transcribe even the most complex passages, which you would have always liked to have in your repertoire as a musician!

This book of transcriptions is a mine for every bassist who knows how to use it: all you have to do is find the phrase or the passage you want to learn, analyze the notes in relation to the chord and study directly from the transcriptions, quickly and easily!

In order for anyone to be able to take advantage of this valuable book, convenient tabulations for six-string bass are included.

The phrases, patterns, techniques, and passages you’ll find in Septentrion Bass Transcriptions Book will help you express a unique musical personality while developing new skills to apply directly to actual practice.


  • 100% note-by-note bass transcriptions. Basslines are transcribed with great accuracy in standard notation with tabs, solos included!

  • Chord Symbols. The defining, characteristic component of sheet music is its chord symbols. A chord symbol defines the current harmonic region, as a key signature, and it stays in effect until the chord changes. Chord symbols are set above the staff, centred over the beat where the new harmonic region begins.

  • Tempo, Styles, Clef, Key and Time Signatures. These provide a basic orientation for the musician.

  • Ensemble Notation. Critical instrumental hooks, ensemble rhythmic concepts (stop time, or kicks), and repeated licks (often for the bass) might appear in notation in temporary second staff.


  1. 1-4-U
  2. Enhanced
  3. Double Action
  4. Fair Play
  5. Cross Checking
  6. Soleil Rouge
  7. This Or That
  8. De L’Aube Au Crépuscule
  9. Simple Pleasures

You can download a PDF demo of this book by clicking here.