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Spider (Live from The Last Concert DVD’s) contains note-for-note transcriptions of all instruments, including solos.

  • PDF Ebook
  • Detailed note-by-note transcription
  • Excellent music notation legend
  • Great for bassists, guitarists and drummers of any level
  • Uzeb Biography
Spider Omnibook


SPIDER (Live from "The Last Concert")


Learn the art of fusion from the award-winning greats of this fantastic Montreal jazz band.

Enjoy Alain Caron’s bass, Michel Cusson’s guitar and Paul Brochu’s drums, played live at one of Uzeb’s most acclaimed concerts: The Last Concert.

Spider (Live from The Last Concert) contains note-for-note transcriptions of all instruments, including solos.

Studying this transcription book is an excellent way to build your band’s repertoire, expand your horizon as an artist, and accelerate your progress while quickly developing a remarkable musical instinct that naturally gives you greater versatility as a performer and collaborator.

A key part of this book is the detailed music notation legend for bass, guitar, and drums that will allow you to get the most out of each transcribed part.

Along with the transcriptions in standard notation, there are also parts in Powertab for guitar and bass, to facilitate the reading for all those who need to improve their skills in this aspect.

Studying transcriptions from the greatest bassists on earth will allow you to make a leap forward in the quality of your reading of musicyour ability to analyzeyour soundyour instrumental technique and, finally, you will find a veritable gold mine of patterns, passages and phrases to include in your musical vocabulary and that you can then use in your daily practice.

All you have to do is:

  1. listen to the song
  2. find the passage or phrase you want to learn
  3. analyze the notes in relation to the chords
  4. study by following the notes in the transcriptions.


Quick and painless.

You won’t have to waste a single minute looking for the notes, optimizing the time you spend studying just to take care of what’s important to you!

Essential Components of Uzeb, Spider (Live from The Last Concert)

  • 100% note-for-note transcriptions. The scores notation generally means single-line for each instrument, in standard notation and tabs.
  • Chord Symbols. The defining, characteristic component of a lead sheet is its chord symbols. A chord symbol defines the current harmonic region, like a key signature, and it stays in effect until the chord changes. Chord symbols are set above the staff, centered over the beat where the new harmonic region begins.
  • Tempo, Styles, Clef, Key and Time Signatures. These provide a basic orientation for the musician.
  • Roadmaps, Repeats, and Arrangement Directions. To keep lead sheets concise, multiple passes through a section are indicated with repeat signs, multiple ending systems, codas, segnos, and the like. Rehearsal letters or names for different sections (Intro, Verse, Chorus, etc.), are further clarified with double bar lines. Text indications such as “4X” or “Vamp Out” shed light on the form or arrangement.
  • Slash Notation. Time slashes (////) with chord symbols written above indicate solo sections. Charts exclusively for rhythm section players might feature slash notation throughout with no written melody.
  • Ensemble Notation. Critical instrumental hooks, ensemble rhythmic concepts (stop time, or kicks), and repeated licks (often for the bass) might appear in notation in temporary second staff.

You can download a PDF demo of this book by clicking here.